Junior Member Healthcare Initiative Program

Made possible by The Floyd Hooker Foundation

Why Be A Junior Member?

Making A Change

Want to join a new and exciting way to learn about healthcare careers? CEMS's Junior Member Healthcare Program is changing how we introduce the next generation to healthcare. Providing not only educational content but providing hands on learning and access to experts from around the region. Our Junior members will gain real life experience by participating in trainings and meetings as well as being part of our team. When applying to colleges that have a very competitive admissions process the difference is very often made by community service or volunteer experience and our program is both. The Program is currently open to 15-18 year olds who have an interest in healthcare. Juniors are provided with training in CPR and First Aid and will attend a Stop The Bleed class, and that's just the beginning.

Emergency Medical services is changing and that means a lot of changes needed to be made in how we provide those services. With the generosity of The Floyd Hooker Foundation we are able to reimagine what a junior program looks like. WBNG news came to talk with us about what that means for our squad and The Town of Candor now and in the future.

Who's Running This Thing?

While Junior Members will get to spend time with most if not all of our staff there a few names and faces they will work with quite frequently.

Curtis Hammond- Agency Director

Director Hammond oversees agency operations as a whole. He has a passion for teaching and has a wealth of experience to draw on with 18 years in EMS. Director Hammond is a notionally registered paramedic as well and is a New York State EMS Instructor.