Ready To Join?

We are always looking for local community members who want to serve the fellow residents of Candor. We offer in house trainings to become certified to drive emergency vehicles as well as being able to offer CPR certifications, and assist with sponsoring a person to take the NYS EMT course. If you prefer to volunteer in other capacities, we also have community fundraising events and always welcome those who wish to continue the growth and mission statement of Candor EMS.

If you are interested in joining the squad we have just a few requirements​

Adult Membership

  1. Must be 18 to join- 21 to drive

  2. Valid NYS Drivers License

Junior Membership

  1. Minimum age to join 15

  2. Scheduling must conform to NYS child labor laws.

Compensated Staff

  1. We hire paid drivers, EMT and Paramedics. If interested in a compensated position, please submit a contact us inquiry on available positions.

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